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Public Relations

code Course Title Days 2018 Course Venue Details Registration
PRE-26 Techniques for measuring customer satisfaction 5 18-22 Feb Cairo | Beirut
PRE-27 Marketing and selling service products 5 18-22 Mar Hurghada
PRE-28 Prepare a sales professional 5 18-22 Nov Cairo
PRE-29 Recent trends in Marketing Management 5 21-25 Jan Cairo
PRE-30 Methods and techniques developed for sale 5 21-25 Oct Cairo
PRE-31 Integrated marketing communications and advertising 5 22-26 Apr Cairo
PRE-32 Wars and the challenges of marketing competition 5 22-26 July Cairo
PRE-33 call centers management 5 23-27 Dec Cairo
PRE-34 Effective basic skills in telephony 5 23-27 Sept Cairo
PRE-35 Skills activate community services 5 24-28 Jun Cairo
PRE-36 Mechanism conducting a prospective study to assess the needs of the community 5 25 Feb -01 Mar Cairo
PRE-37 Build Relationships 5 25-29 Mar Cairo